How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Perth?..And How To Halve It!

They say you can’t put a price on love, I completely agree, but the most recent ‘Cost Of Love’ survey has quoted the average cost of a wedding for Australian couples is $54,294!

This is an increase of a massive 11% since the last survey and the wedding industry in Perth shows no signs of slowing down.

Another statistic that I found quite incredible was that when Perth couple’s set their initial wedding budget they are quoting figures around $25,000. That means by the time they are done they have literally doubled the initial figure they had in mind.

So, how do you stick to that original budget? Well, here are some common sense approaches to consider to ensure your wedding budget does not blow out…

Wedding Cost Saving Tip #1 – Trim The Guest List

I said they were common sense approaches didn’t I? I know the word *awkward* comes to mind, but the absolute number 1 way to save money on a wedding, is to have a smaller wedding. So put the family politics to one side, understand that the cousin from down south who you haven’t seen in 8 years may be slightly offended not to get an invite, and push through!

The maths of it is pretty simple. It is probably going to cost somewhere between $120-$220 per guest. So work out your budget, divide it by the cost per person you are willing to pay, and then you know how many people you should be inviting.

Cold and clinical I know. But if you absolutely must stick to your wedding budget, then you may have to make some tough decisions.

Wedding Cost Saving Tip #2 – Negotiate With Your Wedding Venue

There are a lot of great wedding venues in Perth. In fact I wrote a blog about it, coincidentally titled “14 Great Wedding Venues in Perth”.

Now you need to understand a couple of things with wedding venues. First, they want to appear busy. That’s not to say they are not busy, but if you contact them with plenty of notice (at least over 6 months and preferably 12 months) then you are going to have some dates to choose from.

Secondly, they want your business. The wedding venue market in Perth is fierce but extremely profitable. So don’t be afraid to play hard ball. They have some decent margins to play with, so get 3 quotes and play the wedding venues off against one another. You will be amazed at how much you can save!

Wedding Cost Saving Tip #3 – Track Your Spending

The quickest way to blow your wedding budget is to have absolutely no idea how much you have spent so far.

The best thing you can do is to start by doing your research. Plug in some realistic costs and then as you book things, update your spreadsheet and keep track of where you have gone over and (preferably) under budget.

If you save money on flowers, then you can spend a little extra on the dress. The trick is to know exactly how much more you can spend!

Do up your own spreadsheet or grab a template from the internet, like this one.

Wedding Cost Saving Tip #4 – Go For An Edible Centrepiece

While it may not save you thousands, it is a smart idea to combine your wedding catering with the decoration costs and save some money!

You can check out my blog on wedding catering trends to see exactly the kind of interesting and creative ways couples are using their catering team to spice up the wedding theme.

Edible centrepieces can look elegant, tasteful and most importantly can be bloody tasty! They are becoming more and more popular in Perth and can be a lot more cost effective than traditional wedding centrepieces.

Wedding Cost Saving Tip #5 – Find A Wedding Caterer That You Trust

I bet you knew I was going to include this one. But I stand by it, and here is why…

We are far more than just a wedding catering company. We can help you plan the whole day, from hiring the equipment, to the timing of food and speeches. Our experienced team have together catered for over 2000 weddings combined. This means we know what it takes to make your special day run seamlessly.

Our goal is to make you happy, and we will help you plan every detail of the catering service to ensure we do exactly that. We can help with the big things, like finding you a venue that allows you to supply your own beverages, saving you a heap of money. And the little things, like making sure we feed your suppliers (like the band or DJ) at no extra charge!

Most importantly we work to your budget and make sure that you get a quality wedding catering service that you know is great value for money.