Maggie Beer Book Launch

From time to time we get to cater for some of Perth’s rich and famous. However when the opportunity presented itself to cater the book launch for culinary legend of the Barossa Valley, Maggie Beer, I couldn’t wait to get started!

What a great event it turned out to be, and what a class act Maggie is. We had a great time and I was very proud to see this quote from Maggie after the event:

Whilst in Perth I attended a truly delightful soiree for my new Verjuice Cookbook at Beaufort Street Books. It was such a relaxed atmosphere with an intimate audience and I had a wonderful conversation with questions that took us in many directions. The icing on the cake was the really good food served by the caterers, Ryan John Private Chef. Without the luxury of a kitchen out back the food was a true delight, especially the Roast Beef on Yorkshire Puddings! It was beautiful finger food from start to finish; everything really was packed with flavour
— Maggie Beer