The Private Chef Of Perth

While I may not quite have the charisma of Leonardo Di Caprio in the Wolf of Wall Street, I can draw a few comparisons to our stories.

For me the journey to becoming the top dog in the Perth private chef scene started some years ago now (that makes me sound older than I wanted it to!)  After spending 3 years working in the French Riviera working aboard luxury private yachts, catering for the rich and famous of Europe’e elite, I decided to return to Perth in 2009.

While I had learned so much in my time abroad, both personally and as a chef, the lure of coming home to family and friends in Perth was far too great. Besides, I had an idea to start my own business and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I had a vision, a concept, that while common place today, was quite new back then. I wanted to offer more than just a catering service. For me private catering always portrayed visions of pre-cooked food being re-heated and served. I wanted to offer an elite catering service, but at a price most people could afford.

I thought to myself, what if you could have your own personal chef come into your own home to cook for you and your friends – but without having to take a second mortgage just to pay for it.

I wanted to create a boutique catering service, second to none. Offering a range of catering options from intimate dinner parties right through to weddings of a hundred guests or more.

But it couldn’t be just about me, even then I knew I had to find the best hospitality professionals in the industry if I truly wanted to offer the best private chef service in Perth. So in the years since, I have been determined, fanatical if you will, to ensure that we boast an impressive array of talented young chefs, sommeliers and cocktail waiters, the best Perth has to offer!

In the 2 years since, we have catered more than 300 functions with outstanding success. And while the personal chef experience was a new concept at the time, Perth has embraced the idea and our company has established itself as the leader in the market.

Catering for some of the most important days in peoples lives, be it a milestone birthday, wedding, or anniversary, is a privilege and something that I am very proud to do. I love what I do, I love being a chef and cooking for people, seeing them enjoy their special day is something quite special.