Racing season, parties and Melbourne Cup lunches - yes Spring has finally sprung

It is sad but true that although we are already half way through October, we still haven’t experienced anywhere near enough of our typically warm, sunny, spring weather here in the West. But with the racing season hotting up and with “the race that stops a nation” on the horizon, the weather is sure to improve and we will no doubt be blessed with a glorious spring day just in time for Australia’s most prestigious horse race - the Melbourne Cup.

What springs to mind when you think of the Melbourne Cup?  

Well you might think about about placing your bets and winning a fortune. You might think of the race itself of course, and the magnificent, majestic thoroughbred horses with their jockeys on board, elegantly outfitted in their shiny, colourful silks. No-one could conjure up a vision of Melbourne Cup Race Day without also thinking of the beautiful, young women attired in a host of classy, lady-like, feminine and sophisticated fashions.   We think of big, bold, vividly coloured and sometimes outrageous hats, cheeky fascinators and teetering high heels.  We think of champagne of course and we also think of the Melbourne Cup lunch or party we might host.

Have you made plans for your Melbourne Cup Race Day celebrations yet?

Here in the West, the Melbourne Cup race starts at 12.00 noon on the first Tuesday in November (3.00pm Eastern Standard time) so, if you are in the midst of planning your party activities, remember they will need to be tweaked a little bit to accommodate the early start.  

As we all know, racing and champagne go hand in hand, so champagne and canapés prior to the race will no doubt be something that your guests will be expecting. Again because of the early start of the race here in Perth, having guests arrive around 11.00am would be ideal so everyone can mingle, strut their stuff, show off their alluring fashions, choose their winners and generally get into the spirit of the day before the race begins.  Perhaps you can organise a Melbourne Cup sweepstake ahead of time to add to the excitement because who doesn't love a little flutter on Melbourne Cup Race Day?

You will already have decided whether you would like to host a sit down lunch for your guests or to carry on in the form of a Melbourne Cup cocktail affair, once the race is over.  Ryan John Private Chef can accommodate all kinds of stand-up style functions and regularly do canapé and finger food catering packages for cocktail parties.

Maybe your choice will depend on the age of your guests.   After all, Melbourne Cup lunches and cocktail parties are not just for the young and fashionable but definitely for the young-at-heart too. And as older guests may struggle with being on their feet for the whole of the afternoon, a sit down lunch with your very own personal chef may be the way to really impress your friends.  Imagine enjoying all of the fun of the day without the added stress of catering. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Or, for those of you more inclined to host a more traditional Aussie gathering, our gourmet barbecue could be a great option for you and your guests.  A Melbourne Cup fancy dress BBQ might be fun … what about jockey outfits and horsey hats.

However you decide to celebrate your Melbourne Cup Race Day or any spring racing gathering, ensure that the menu is light, fresh and plentiful in order to help soak up some of that champagne. It may also be a good idea to provide a non-alcoholic punch for the non-drinkers or the designated drivers. Unfortunately, these days, along with all the absolute wonderful imagery we have of this glorious day, we have also seen many images of the Melbourne Cup Race Day revellers at the end of the celebrations, a little bit worse for wear and anything but elegant.  

For most Australians, Melbourne Cup Race Day is a day like no other and an age old tradition.  Did you know that the first Melbourne Cup race was held in 1861?……(Google is a wonderful thing, isn’t it)!!

Whatever you decide to do, we hope your Melbourne Cup Race Day party or lunch is a winner!!!