Ryan's Restaurant Reviews: Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant

Rani enjoying her meal.

Rani enjoying her meal.

Silver Seas in Morley is without a doubt the best dumpling house in Perth and better than anything I have tried anywhere in the world.

The dumplings are always fresh, the service always friendly and they do this so consistently that my friends and family have visited this restaurant every Sunday for about 3 years!

Personal favourites of mine are the Pan Fried Pork, Steamed Prawn and Chive, Fried Glutinous Pork and Juicy Shanghai Dumplings.

By 10:30am on Saturday's & Sunday's the dumpling trolleys are in full swing with something for everyone.

My little girl Rani is a bigger fan of this place than I am…. (unless the staff try to give her chicken feet!)

Restaurant Details:  Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant, 10 Old Collier Road, Morley WA  6062 Ph: 9275 1588