Wedding Day Trends - 1 Wedding Day 2 Receptions!

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. 

We all know what we are referring to with these words because amidst all that is new and innovative, trendy and fashionable, it would appear that wedding ceremonies and celebrations still remain quite traditional, even today.

Therefore having two wedding receptions for one wedding day might be considered a little bit unorthodox for some…but hear me out.

Morning ceremony on the beach. Beautiful.

Lunch time ceremony with the older folks. They are home in time for Inspector Morse. You stay relatively sober and coherent. Everyone is happy.

Night time ceremony with the younger crowd. It’s time to P.A.R.T.Y.

Sounds like extra work right? But it can work well if you are organised and deal with the invitations in a considerate manner.  

Your main concern will be not to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel less important than other guests, just because they are invited to one reception party rather than the other.

You may like to consider going down this road if, when organising your wedding reception, you find you have certain circumstances to deal with such as religious considerations, large numbers of family and friends, different age groups, multiple cultures, or a variety of other situations where you may consider two wedding receptions would work much better than one.

If you deal with it respectfully and considerately, you shouldn’t have any problems.  Just be sure to show courtesy to all your guests and ensure each and every one of them know they are loved and considered a very special part of your big day.

To give you an example, we have recently catered for a wedding party where the bride and groom decided to hold a morning beach ceremony, followed by a lunch time cocktail style celebration.  

On this occasion friends and family, close relatives and members of the older generation were invited to attend.  Our clients were able to make their catering selections from our very versatile cocktail menu and, following the marriage ceremony, the morning guests enjoyed a more formal atmosphere with the bride and groom.  

This reception included speeches, cake cutting, photographs  etc. all celebrated with the older members of the family.  The nanas and the pops from both sides, great grandparents, aunties and uncles and older friends and relatives all attended.

Later in the evening, another cocktail party was held for the younger generation, again with our clients selecting canapés and finger foods from our diverse cocktail menu.  

This time the atmosphere was less formal, a little bit more relaxed and laid back and thus catered for in more of a party fashion.   

Less formality, less pomp and less ceremony.   The gloves were off so to speak.  Nanna and Pop had retired for the evening leaving the young’uns to “get their party on”.  

It might sound crazy to some, but when you think about the pro’s and con’s, there are definitely circumstances and family dynamics that may mean 2 receptions are indeed better than 1!

And of course, when it comes to the catering, we’ve got you covered.

At Ryan John Private Chef, we can accommodate a variety of stand-up functions with our canapé and finger food cocktail menu for small intimate gatherings or larger more elaborate affairs.  Our menu selection is extremely varied with hot and cold food options, fork foods, sweet options and of course a children’s menu.

Our team is very flexible and prepared to work with you to ensure your celebration, or in this case celebrations, is exactly as you would like it. We are more than happy to listen to your ideas, make suggestions of our own, and ultimately work with you to get it just right on the day.  

We would love to help you make your wedding day a day to remember.