Our Food Philosophy

How can we put this simply? We offer a catering service, but we are far more than just a catering company.

First and foremost we are chefs. That means we don’t pre-cook food, bring it to the event and re-heat. We prepare everything fresh, on the premises, just like any 5 star restaurant.

We set ourselves very high standards when it comes to delivering a first class menu. We always serve fresh, local ingredients, skillfully prepared and exquisitely served.

Our Approach (all the extra things we do)

We have been doing this for a long time. We estimate that our staff have together catered for over 2000 functions. So we know a thing or two about putting on a great event. This is where we feel we can add a little extra value that other catering companies cannot, or will not, offer.

Of course we are guided by you as to how much you would like us to be involved. But should you want to take advantage of the many years experience we have in managing large scale events then we are happy to provide that service to you.

We can help with sourcing equipment, finding the best suppliers (like the perfect celebrant, band or DJ), helping you plan the timing of speeches, food service, dancing etc. We will even help you find the perfect venue! But most importantly we will help you think of all of the things that you probably haven’t yet considered. Those minor details that only become apparent to those who work in events day in and day out.

If you would like a quote or wish to book a free tasting simply call Ryan John on 0451 152 931 or send us an email.