Looking for something better for your Xmas party?

Let's face it, the success of any Xmas party hinges on the food. The theme may be elegant and sophisticated, the room styled immaculately, but if the guests are being served party pies and mini quiches from the local deli, then it's fair to say the party is not going down as one of the best ever!

Our chefs use only the finest local ingredients to create culinary delights that will set mouths watering. Everything is cooked fresh - we don't re-heat anything!

We can adapt our menus to suit your event perfectly. Whether it is for the much anticipated staff Xmas party, end of financial year celebration or anything in between, we can provide a catering solution to suit your requirements.

Cocktail Party

We regularly do finger food catering packages for cocktail functions from 20-200+ guests.

From $30 per person

Gourmet BBQ

Our menus include an amazing array of succulent meat and seafood options, fresh salads, and decadent desserts. 

From $50 per person

Sundowner Canapes

Our chefs prepare and cook everything fresh and on premises - we don't re-heat anything! 

From $30 per person

Dinner Party

Impress your colleagues with your very own personal chef for the evening. 

From $80 per person

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Looking for a Venue?

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